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Friday, February 29, 2008

A bloody day

A bloody day
Since the killing of an Israeli in Sederot, Israel began shelling Gaza.
The total number of Palestinians killed was 17, including six children, and one baby seven months old.
They bombed many places of Hamas ,and some factories. I can hear the sound of aircraft clearly, I hear gunfire in all directions violence is back again ,and they still want to use power again.
For more than fifty years, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict are using the power language to solve the conflicts ,and the result is more violence and more destruction, the history of the our conflicts approved that the power language will not solve the problem, but they still are this power.
As they used the power in the past years, why don’t they try the language of peace. We expect more attacks, will attack many places in Gaza, and will be very dangerous and painful.
Its was a bloody day in Gaza and I am sure it's the same with my friend hope man.
I still don’t understand till now, what do they want to achieve by the continuance of violence .
Why they want to kill any chance of hope and peace ?
I wish I can get answer to my question.

Tirado daqui.


  • At 6:08 am, February 29, 2008, Blogger AA said…

    Interesting. If Israel stops all violence, will Hamas follow? Or at least produce random violence rather than targeting cafes and buses?


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